SCAGLIA Srl acts in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the territories in which it operates, the Code of Ethics and the internal rules.

The pursuit of interest and statutory objectives can never justify behavior that is illicit or contrary to the duties indicated in this document.
SCAGLIA Srl establishes relations with its private, public, and institutional stakeholders in compliance with the rules of correctness, loyalty, collaboration, and mutual respect.

The actions, operations, negotiations and activities carried out and, in general, the behaviors of the Addressees of the Code in carrying out work activities or the collaboration relationship must be based on the principles of honesty, correctness, integrity, transparency and mutual respect.

The Addressees must act with commitment and professional rigor, to protect the prestige and reputation of SCAGLIA Srl.

Corrupt practices, illegitimate favors, collusive behavior, direct or indirect solicitation of personal and career advantages for oneself or others, are strictly prohibited and prosecuted.

It is also strictly forbidden to offer or promise, directly or indirectly, payments, benefits, and other advantages of any entities to third parties, representatives, and public officials, public or private employees, in order to influence, compensate or omit an act of their office.
Acts of commercial courtesy, such as gifts and gratuities, are allowed only if of modest value and in any case such as to exclude their destination to acquire undue advantage or in the form of unfair competition. These expenses and forms of hospitality must in any case be authorized in advance by the Administrative Body of SCAGLIA Srl or its delegate.

Anyone who receives proposals for freebies, gifts or preferential treatments which cannot be considered as acts of commercial courtesy of modest value, or which do not fall within specific business projects authorized by the management of SCAGLIA Srl, must promptly refuse them and inform the Administrative Body of SCAGLIA Srl.

SCAGLIA Srl maintains a relationship of trust and loyalty with its employees, who are prohibited from taking up employment with third parties, consultancy, or other assignments prior information to the company. Employees cannot carry out activities or behave contrary to the interests of the company.


The Addressees undertake to treat all information acquired in the performance of their working activity or professional collaboration relationship as confidential and, therefore, not to disclose it, except within the limits of and in function of the performance of the activity or function for which they are responsible.

The information legitimately acquired may not be used for its own interests to gain undue advantage in an illegal manner or in such a way as to cause damage to the rights, assets and objectives of SCAGLIA Srl.

The Recipients in the performance of their duties will produce or come into contact with information of a confidential nature that if improperly disclosed could seriously damage the interests of SCAGLIA Srl This information (drawings, designs, prototypes, plants, machines, devices, technical expertise, processes, lay-outs, data, proposals, offers, …..), defined as a whole confidential information, may be stored in various forms: paper, computer, ….

It is prohibited for all Recipients to process, use and access without authorization confidential information relating to data or knowledge belonging to SCAGLIA Srl for purposes other than strictly professional.

Tutti i Destinatari sono tenuti a salvaguardare il carattere riservato delle informazioni cui hanno avuto accesso nello svolgimento delle proprie attività lavorative, anche se tali informazioni non sono specificatamente classificate come riservate e non riguardano in modo specifico la società, ma clienti, concorrenti, fornitori, mercati e organismi pubblici, collegati con le attività della società.

E’ proibito a tutti i Destinatari estrarre copia, comunicare e divulgare a terzi le informazioni riservate e rilasciare qualsivoglia dichiarazione coinvolgente la SCAGLIA Srl, se non in quanto strettamente necessario alla esecuzione delle proprie mansioni e senza avere preso le necessarie precauzioni che ne prevengano uso improprio da parte di terzi.All Addressees are required to safeguard the confidential nature of the information to which they have had access in the course of their work, even if such information is not specifically classified as confidential and does not specifically concern the company, but customers, competitors, suppliers, markets and public bodies, connected with the company’s activities.

It is forbidden for all Recipients to extract copies, communicate and disclose to third-parties confidential information and make any statement involving SCAGLIA Srl, unless strictly necessary for the performance of their duties and without having taken the necessary precautions to prevent misuse by third parties.

The Recipients also undertake to return to SCAGLIA Srl at the time of termination of relations with it, all paper, computer, and other material containing confidential information that they have come into possession in the performance of their duties during the relationship with SCAGLIA Srl.

SCAGLIA Srl, through its internal control function, retains the power to monitor information flows, archives, and any other company documentation to verify compliance with the provisions of this code and with current legislation on the protection of privacy rights.

Failure to comply with the above obligation of confidentiality will constitute a serious breach of contract.

SCAGLIA Srl adopts specific policies on confidentiality and protection of information, including the signing of confidentiality agreements (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and the provision of specific information on how to process personal data, in accordance with current legislation.


SCAGLIA Srl promotes the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, inalienable and inalienable, in particular civil and political rights, social, economic and cultural rights and the so-called third generation rights (the right to self-determination, peace, development and environmental protection).

Discrimination of any kind on grounds of race, gender, religious belief, age, health, political opinion, trade union membership, nationality, sexual orientation and generally any intimate characteristic of the human person is repudiated.

Indeed, diversity represents an opportunity for innovation and development, encouraging dialogue and the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences.

Corruption, forced or child labor are also combated.

The company also ensures working conditions that respect personal dignity and works to ensure that

there is no intimidation, bullying or stalking in the working environment.

Work must be based on relationships of trust and cooperation, in compliance with company directives and relations between colleagues and in formal compliance with the roles laid down in the company organization chart.

Teamwork should be promoted and stimulated. Personal interests must not be put before social goals.

SCAGLIA Srl is committed to developing the working skills and competences of its employees and collaborators and to protecting the working conditions both in the protection of the psycho-physical integrity of the worker.

SCAGLIA Srl is committed to offering to all workers and employees the same opportunities for work, collaboration, and training, ensuring a fair treatment and compensation based solely on criteria of merit and competence, without discrimination.

The Administrative Body and the functions responsible for this purpose must:
–   adopt in any case criteria of merit and competence (and in any case strictly professional) for any decision concerning human resources.
–   in all cases, select, recruit, train, remunerate and manage human resources without any discrimination.
–   create a working environment in which personal characteristics or orientations cannot give rise to discrimination of any kind.


SCAGLIA Srl is committed to acting in compliance with current regulations on the protection of health and safety in the workplace, as well as to promote the effective application within its structure and operational processes.

SCAGLIA Srl also promotes the internal dissemination of a culture of safety and risk awareness, encouraging the adoption of responsible conduct by all stakeholders.

SCAGLIA Srl shall ensure continuous monitoring of the premises and related facilities at its disposal for any reason, to guarantee the highest levels of worker health and safety in accordance with the regulations in force.

If the Addressees of the Code notice any anomalies or irregularities, they shall immediately inform the supervisors, the employer or his delegate.
Workers and, in general, all stakeholders who visit the company premises undertake to comply with the relevant regulations and directives, and to take care of their own health and safety and that of the other people present in the workplace, who are affected by the effects of their actions or omissions, in accordance with their training, instructions and role.

SCAGLIA Srl adopts responsible policies to protect and safeguard the environment, through the analysis of risk factors for the ecosystem, implementation, and continuous improvement of industrial processes in the direction of reducing and optimizing environmental impact.
The company promotes the responsible use of natural resources to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and ensures the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, paying particular attention to renewable energy sources and the efficient use of energy and natural resources.

The company implements policies to contain the generation of waste by promoting, where possible, the recycling and reuse of materials and in any case ensures that waste disposal takes place in a responsible manner in full compliance with current regulations, including through constant technological updating of plants to ensure the reduction of polluting factors. principles principles principles principles principles principles

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