This Code of Ethics (hereinafter, also the “Code”) is an expression of ethical principles and values assumed SCAGLIA Srl in the conduct of its business activities, particularly in terms of health and safety at work, environmental protection, management of financial flows and direct and indirect taxation.

The complexity of the technical, administrative situations and operational processes in which SCAGLIA Srl is involved requires clearly defining the fair business values and responsibilities that SCAGLIA Srl recognizes and to which it directs its activity.

SCAGLIA Srl is committed to promoting awareness of the Code by employees and collaborators and all stakeholders, requesting their constructive contribution to the application and continuous improvement of the Code.

SCAGLIA Srl continuously monitors compliance with the Code through the Board of Directors on compliance with the Code, preparing adequate information, prevention and control tools and procedures and ensuring the transparency of the operations and behaviors implemented, intervening, if necessary, with corrective actions.

The Code of Ethics adopted by SCAGLIA Srl is composed as follows:
General Principles: they constitute the fundamental values, recognized by SCAGLIA Srl as constituents of the business activity and with which the various stakeholders involved are required to comply, to promote the good economic performance, reliability, and reputation of the entity.

Conduct Criteria: they provide the guidelines and rules that the company’s collaborators are required to comply with to respect the general principles and to prevent the risk of unethical behavior, to be integrated into protocols, practices, specific operational instructions for crime prevention.

Implementation and control methods: describe the control system for compliance with the Code of Ethics.


The Recipients of this Code and stakeholders are:
–   the company shareholders;
–   the Board of Directors of SCAGLIA Srl.
–   employees with an open-ended or fixed-term employment contract.
–   external collaborators.
–   the members of the Board of Auditors.
–   professionals and all collaborators, consultants, self-employed workers who perform their activities, including training, internships, apprenticeships within or on behalf of the structure of SCAGLIA Srl.
–   other third parties with whom the company has contractual relations for the achievement of the company’s objectives, involving the provision of services, including temporary ones, or the performance of activities in the name of and on behalf of the organization, such as to establish a relationship of trust with the latter.

Towards these subjects, SCAGLIA Srl undertakes:
–   to implement adequate training and awareness programs on the contents of the Code of Ethics.
–   to ensure the timely dissemination of the Code to all staff, so that proof of knowledge is given, with a commitment to comply with it, possibly also by publishing it on the company website, as well as on a special notice board freely accessible by staff.
–   to periodically verify compliance with and observance of the Code.
–   to guarantee its periodic review and update to adapt the Code to any changes in the organizational or management structure of the Institute and to regulatory developments.
–   to adopt adequate prevention tools and appropriate sanctioning measures in case of proven violation of the provisions of the Code.

The Recipients of this Code undertake to act and behave in line with what is indicated therein, to report any violations of which they become aware, to cooperate in compliance with internal procedures for the concrete implementation of the Code.
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